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Dave Smith – In The White House 1.4 – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #169

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on Dave's most recent appearance on the Michael Malice Fancast IRL, how rewarding it is to prop up artists and like-minded people, how life is about change and going through phases, how New York City is using low income restaurant employees to decentralize authoritarianism, the story of Lavrentiy Beria and his reign as one of Stalin's most atrocious and influential secret police chiefs, the current end to America's longest war in Afghanistan, the first time in history that the corporate press has turned on Joe Biden, why White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki might be in hiding, the transparent corporate press narrative that ending a war equals disaster, the psychological toll on hardcore patriots from shamefully losing the war, the open secret of President Biden's severe mental decline, plus just how terrible Kamala Harris is as a politician, and so much more!

Curtis Yarvin – In The Philosopher – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #167

American far-right blogger and student of history Curtis Yarvin, once known as Mencius Moldbug, joins Michael in studio this week for a discussion on how he colonized "the red pill" from the Wachowskis, severe culture shock phenomena like Paris syndrome, our collective ignorance to the state of human degradation and order being violated by ugliness, why Curtis is more right-wing than Eric Weinstein, who will save the roads when the Roman Empire falls, a useful euphemism on Voltaire's trip to Egypt, why Stalin won and whether or not the ruling class in America to have a more Stalinistic approach, the shallow floor of false sympathy exhibited by the Left, plus the children's book that was too anti-Semitic for the Nazis, and so much more!

Ron Coleman – Out of Order – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #166

American attorney and journalist Ron Coleman joins Michael this week for a discussion on the wishful concept that courts would treat social media like the public square, whether or not that concept is progressive, conservative, or cross-ideology, the lawsuit between DC Draino and Twitter, the increasingly apparent quid pro quo between the government and social media, some important legal principles consistently disregarded by intelligence agencies, the possible difficulties with suing the National Association of Attorneys General, how children of the 1960's might feel about the blatant collusion between government and large corporations, the last thing a company like Twitter wants when approaching a lawsuit, plus Ron's representation of President Trump's meme maker, Carpe Donktum, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The White House 1.3 – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #165

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on his recent trip to FreedomFest in South Dakota, the turmoil of his tumultuous travel experience on the way home, what speakers received the warmest welcomes, whether or not Nick Sarwark is playing a heel, what kind of CIA operative would go watch a comedy show, how inequality can be viewed as a form of terrorism by some, Dave's success opening the eyes of conservatives to their now-ironic support of the war on terror, Michael's parallel experience on The Michael Knowles Show, how many people it actually takes to win an election, how the corporate press now operates similar to the WWF during the NWA era, PayPal's new crusade against hate speech, Facebook collapsing to pressure by the federal government, plus the ongoing investigation of Jilletta Jarvis and the coup in New Hampshire to steal the Libertarian Party, and so much more!

Kmele Foster – With the French – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #164

American entrepreneur, political commentator, and cohost of The Fifth Column podcast, Kmele Foster joins Michael this week for a discussion on the plausible etymology of his unique first name, how Kmele is responsible for Michael being white-pilled, whether or not the world would be a better place if Yale University would cease to exist, the correct way to approach politics with radical views while not imposing them on others, the quagmires of having blue-pilled faith in the State's enforcement and regulations, the very real dangers facing so many students in America today, the importance of school choice and the problems created by forcing harmful curriculums into public schools, plus some possible benefits to having a camera in the classroom, and so much more!

Carol Roth – The War on Small Business – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #163

Bestselling author, entrepreneur, and investor Carol Roth joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not she's a grandma killer, what qualifies a worker or business as essential, why Small Business Week received no coverage from the press, how unique and historic businesses were forced to close while seven big tech companies accrued $3.4 Trillion dollars in revenue, why government corruption works best when paired with corporate collusion, the unreasonable jailing of salon owner Shelley Luther in Texas, why so many nursing home deaths occurred on Governor Cuomo's watch, how the State is setup to fail in case of emergencies like the pandemic, the government's ignorance to acknowledge imminent domain and compensate owners for their losses, the attack on private equity and ownership by companies like BlackRock, how publishers are incentivized to sweep independently journalistic material under the rug, plus why Wikipedia pulled The Anarchist Handbook's #1 ranking from Michael's page, and so much more!

Alex Jones – On the Inside – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #162

American radio show host and conspiracy theorist Alex Jones joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not the title of "conspiracy theorist" is flattering, the difference between President Obama's pre-election stances and those he took once in office, what actually happened during the Biden election, whether or not California should be expelled from the Union, the plethora of platforms that Alex is banned from, what the worst U.S. intelligence agency is and why, a historical breakdown of the trespasses perpetuated by the CIA, how communism infected Hollywood, whether or not the Bush family had a hand in 9/11, the ripple effects of QAnon and 4chan on the masses, Alex's prior conflict with Megyn Kelly, the 2017 Las Vegas shooting and mysteries it left behind, the story behind Bohemian Grove and how Alex was able to infiltrate the premises, plus what he like least about the United States, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The White House 1.2 – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #161

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on his recent and overwhelmingly positive attendance of PorcFest, the inevitable apology tour that will occur if Michael or Dave gain control of the LP Twitter account, the trope going around that Dave is a cancer on the party, whether or not he will make the LP an inhospitable environment for some people, why it's more valuable to stick to your principles than to popular opinions, a professor who went viral for claiming that Stalin was a good listener, Dave's recent conversation with founder of the Libertarian Party Mises Caucus, Michael Heise, wokeism's incredible infection rate and how the LP is about to be de-wokified, Michael's preference for a particular brand of sadism, plus an important lesson about hubris, a quote from RuPaul, and so much more!

Adam Curry – In Theory – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #160

Original MTV VJ, announcer, and cohost of the No Agenda podcast, Adam Curry joins Michael this week for a discussion on Michael's pending move to Austin, what Americans get wrong most about their own country, the blue-pilled deflection of labeling something a conspiracy theory by default, the crucial importance of having a discussion about man-made viruses, how to explain the pervasive influence of the CIA to a blue-pilled person, the depths to which the corporate media sank during the Clinton administration, plus Adam's quintessential story about meeting Prince, and so much more!

Elizabeth Spiers – At The Observer – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #159

American journalist, digital strategist at The Insurrection, and the founding editor of Gawker, Elizabeth Spiers joins Michael this week for a discussion on the politicization of America and whether or not it's a good thing, a plethora of factors that would contribute to someone becoming a voter for Trump, how the many phases of Gawker could be directly linked to the editor in chief at the time, Elizabeth's time running The Observer under Jared Kushner, how to deal with a clash of values as an editor, general misconceptions about the point of journalism and what people should understand about the field, plus what may have led Donald Trump to become such a prolific salesman, and so much more!
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