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Adrianne Curry – In The Wilderness – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #135

American fashion model, actress, and television personality Adrianne Curry joins Michael this week to discuss how America's Next Top Model got away with not paying the contestants, the tragic passing of two cast members, why Da Brat is not to be trifled with, how easy it was for Adrianne to quit smoking marijuana, how her survivalism has turned her into one of the Gummers from Tremors, the slew of problems she experienced from having breast implants, and the painstaking process of finally removing them, how Adrianne's cycled through the different perspectives of the Watchmen as of late, the easiest way to win a Russian beauty pageant, and how to survive losing one, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The House 10.Two – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #134

Comedian Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for another installment of Your Problem, to discuss how in 2020 the State was harder on business owners than it was on business looters, Michael's insistent and unapologetic stance against law enforcement taken on a recent episode of Tim Pool's podcast with Alex Jones, how ridiculous it is to conflate alt-right and libertarian ideologies, and so much more!

Mike Cernovich – On The Press – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #133

American author and political commentator Mike Cernovich joins Michael this week for a discussion on how Mike got his start by helping young men better themselves and build self-confidence, whether or not Joe Biden stole the election, why Michael has little hope for the future of the Cathedral, why Mike thinks Twitter is the greatest equalizer for democracy, why it's so very important to acknowledge your own pursuit of happiness, and so much more!

Tom Woods – On Failed Prevention – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #132

American author and historian Tom Woods joins Michael this week for a discussion on the recent pulling of Tom's videos criticizing the lockdown, how Japan's suicide total for one month topped their number of COVID-19 deaths for the entire year, Governor Cuomo winning an Emmy award while New York has the second highest Coronavirus death rate per capita, President Warren G. Harding's campaign for a return to normalcy, Dr. Fauci flip-flopping on the possibility of a second pandemic wave, and so much more!

Glenn Greenwald – On The Beat – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #131

National security journalist, author, and former attorney Glenn Greenwald joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not Yair Bolsonaro is fit for the title "Trump of the Tropics", a two-fold explanation of why the CIA hates Donald Trump, what was involved in leaving The Intercept, a news site that Glenn helped create, the possibility of pardons for both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and who would be angered the most by them, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The House 10.One – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #130

Comedian Dave Smith joins Michael once more this week, for a discussion on Dave's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, the Part of the Problem Facebook group being nuked, how no algorithmical filter will ever be good enough to decide what we want to see online, having retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor as the new Senior Advisor to the acting Secretary of Defense and the hope he brings for withdrawing from international war, what the ideal Red Pilling entails, how Joe Biden is practically a Democrat neocon, whether or not Trump will get kicked off of Twitter once he leaves office, and so much more!

Phil Labonte – On The Smith – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #129

Musician and lead singer of the metalcore band All That Remains, Phil Labonte joins Michael in studio for a discussion on the asymmetrical relationship that forms between fans and musicians, the helpful lesson of finding acceptance in ridiculous situations that's realized through reading The Myth of Sisyphus, what constitutes a legitimate deadlift, and so much more!

Chris DeRose – The Fighting Bunch – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #128

New York Times-bestselling American author and former Professor of Constitutional Law Chris DeRose joins Michael this week for a discussion on how the right to bear arms has been more central to American history than the right to vote, the extensive political reach of Boss Crump in Tennessee during the early 20th century, and many more insights on how World War II veterans won the only armed rebellion since the Revolution at the Battle of Athens, all of which can be found in Chris' new book, The Fighting Bunch.

Douglas Murray – In The Crowd – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #127

British author and political commentator Douglas Murray joins Michael this week for a discussion on how corporate America has done a far better job of putting over Maoism than the Chinese Communist Party ever dreamed of, an informative breakdown on the various "pills" to take in today's social climate, the complexity of British politician and scholar Enoch Powell, what people did for sex in pre-World-War Vienna, how Dave Rubin believes he caused the tragedies of 9/11 to occur, and so much more!

Kurt Metzger – In The No – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #125

Comedian Kurt Metzger joins Michael this week for a discussion on how the President once fought Rosie O'Donnell to a standstill, the pipeline connecting the White House to publishing, and a deep dive into Kurt's experience of being wrongfully targeted and attacked by social justice mobs online, and so much more!
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