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Jack Posobiec – Inside the Black Bloc – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #158

American political activist and author Jack Posobiec joins Michael this week for a discussion on what Antifa is and why we should care, how a Polish person can be against an "anti-fascist" organization, who Antifa was formed to target and why they consider them social fascists, how questioning the validity of the corporate press is a great first red pill to take, how talking points during the Benghazi attack were written by the CIA, how the black uniforms come in many colors, the story behind the cover of Jack's new book, who in the corporate media is running interference for Antifa, how Ulrike Meinhof got her start as a left-wing journalist, plus what conservatives don't understand about the nature of the Antifa movement and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The White House 1.1 – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #157

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on the importance of centralizing an argument against systemic evils, a brief comparison between Friedman and Rothbard, what it takes to get a standing ovation out of Rothbard, what the "inefficiency" of the State actually means in practice, the difference between silencing speech and banning specific school curriculums, the dangers of teaching critical race theory to children, the abundance of logical fallacies being thrown around on Twitter, plus Michael's astonishment at the recent enigmatic success of The Anarchist Handbook and so much more!

Eliza Bleu – On Surviving – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #156

Human trafficking survivor and survivor advocate Eliza Bleu joins Michael this week for a discussion on how people are being trafficked on Twitter, having your likeness used for anything from membership solicitation to nefarious deeds, a case of two unnamed minors suing Twitter in hopes of removing their exploitation, the appropriate avenues for dealing with trauma from human trafficking, plus how to effectively and compassionately address past trauma when getting to know a survivor, and so much more!

David Pietrusza – Too Long Ago – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #155

American author and historian David Pietrusza joins Michael this week for a discussion on what prompted him to write his newest book about the Rust Belt, a brief overview of Poland's history, where Polish jokes came from, how the blackpilled population of today would actually be justified in their pessimism throughout history, David's first memory of an overnight trip, the tragic mistake of confusing cause with effect in terms of poverty and crime, dealing with insanity and mental health issues within the family, just how seedy New York City was in the 1970's, Michael's recent decision to move out of the state, whether or not NYC is following in Detroit's footsteps, plus a breakdown on why FDR's word was worth next to nothing, and so much more!

Kristin Tate – On The Move – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #154

Political commentator, columnist, and author Kristin Tate joins Michael this week for a discussion on domestic migration and what comes along with it, how the bootstrap mentality of New Hampshire slowly dissipated as the state turned blue, the rational and pragmatic stimuli that justify relocating to another state, the death of New York City, why Michael is so aggressively against the police, why the Left should be acknowledging the importance of incentives, plus what other people of interest are immigrating to Austin, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The White House – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #153

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once more this week for a discussion on what to do when you've shot a venomous snake in your boat, Dave toying with the idea of running for the Libertarian Party nomination, where he would deport Luis J. Gomez to if elected, Michael's inevitable move out of New York and into "Williamsburg West", how the mainstream media would smear Dave if he ran for office, Michael's specific price and conditions to be Dave's campaign spokesperson, how to efficiently smack down anti-Libertarian arguments, the abundance of failures and atrocities committed by our government including the manmade humanitarian crises called war, Michael's favorite smear campaign ad published by Ron Paul, plus what happened to all the Ron Paul supporters, and so much more!

Mark Pellegrino – Off the Island – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #152

Actor, Objectivist, and co-founder of the American Capitalist Party, Mark Pellegrino joins Michael this week for a discussion on the key factors to finding success in acting, Michael's experience meeting Nathaniel Brandon, some of Mark's biggest takeaways from having Brandon as his therapist for a year, Rand's "sense of life" philosophy, the universal warnings of rising too high above the collective, what it was like working with David Lynch on Mulholland Drive, Ayn Rand's taste in art, starting the American Capitalist Party as an alternative to the current duopoly, the problems that make the Libertarian Party into RC Cola, what foreign policy should actually look like, the pitfalls of the Left on social media and their avoidance of acknowledging the individual, why universities are the real villains, where Mark sees rays of hope for the future of America, plus a sneak peek at what Michael said to Jordan Peterson, and so much more!

Corey DeAngelis – Out of Class – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #150

Author, scholar, and newly appointed National Director of Research at the American Federation for Children, Corey DeAngelis joins Michael this week for a discussion on saving children from government schools, a white-pilled perspective on the future of education, the different types of school choice now being proposed across the country and which plan Corey thinks is best, the unfortunate gap in innovation for schooling between the public and private sectors, the importance of funding the student instead of the system, plus a breakdown of microschooling, pandemic pods, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The House 10.IVI – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #149

Aspiring comedian Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on the differences between telling a joke in person versus on a podcast, a recap of Michael's recent experience recording with Jordan Peterson, Dave answers some of the same questions that Michael asked Jordan, the culpability and credibility of educational institutions, how major universities are designed to funnel people into debt and keep the elites in power over the country, the privacy pitfalls of vaccine passports and their parallels to the events preceding the Holocaust, a comparison of the blue-pilled and red-pilled mind states and their takes on Libertarianism, plus how to competently express anti-war sentiments when debating war veterans, and so much more!

James Lindsay – In The Race – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #148

American mathematician, cultural critic, and founder of New Discourses, James Lindsay joins Michael this week for a discussion on critical race theory and its warning signs, the theory's parallels to Soviet logic, which philosophers were merely rationalizing their own pathologies, how language is often used as code to communicate with like-minded people in plain sight, how growing up multilingual can negate semantic quagmires, implicit bias test and the invalidity of their metrics, how ethnicities are often clumped together for the convenience of forming political coalitions, how to expose contradictions with Socratic thinking, why getting Chesa Boudin out of office is a must for San Francisco, the validity of cordyceps memes and the parasitic path of wokeism, corporate America's impressive implementation of Maoism, and so much more!
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