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There are several ways you can contribute to Michael Malice’s work.

  1. Join the Dear Readers at

2. Paypal (one-time or recurring) via the Donate button below:

3. Bitcoin: 3DkybHkxbZiw7vsnWDhTybCWyBpERZiUyj

4. BitPatron

5. Ethereum: 0xD5376Cac7471133380A055b9D1F1C612bb68c10D

6. Monero: 42beNx9vAEthLAdtsv3zWxRezDCaq8syiPy1qaw7xW6kLMW6vifLTwBh6fWBUBxoLTJLWdKKhW2dEd4oLqEeoasY5zZoKoF

7. BCH: qpwusg96w0n39sxwayml9n8t4jjwe7dwy5snufehlf


Anthrax, gifts and letterbombs can be sent to

Michael Malice

1920 E Riverside Dr Ste A120 #415

Austin TX 78741

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