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Stu Burguiere – On The Blaze – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #117

Michael is joined by executive producer, head writer, and co-host of The Glenn Beck Program, Stu Burguiere, for a discussion on the importance of voting on government spending, the looming possibility of having Kamala Harris as our country's Vice President, the dangerous precedent of projecting overly progressive values onto children, the NY Times' ongoing public coup upon our nation's history, and so much more!

Ashley StClair – Against The Wohl – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #116

Michael is back in the GaS chamber this week and joined by political consultant and popular right-wing personality, Ashley StClair, for a discussion on navigating the perilous world of politics on social media, the possible detriments women must consider when using birth control pills, how to speak out politically as a young person today, plus a right-wing round of Fuck, Marry, Kill, and so much more!

Thaddeus Russell – In The Alley – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #115

Michael is joined by the author of A Renegade History of the United States and host of the Unregistered podcast, Thaddeus Russell, for a discussion on how freedoms have been created by marginalized groups in society, how progressivism got its start oppressing gay culture in the 1890's, the plethora of African American history discovered through magazines, why Thaddeus is pessimistic about the future of America, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The House VIII – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #113

Michael is joined once again by Dave Smith for a discussion on Michael's pending endorsement for President of the United Skanks of America, how a few bad strudels might ruin the whole batch, what would happen if Michael was given the LPNational Twitter account, the Cato Institute naming the late John Lewis a libertarian hero, and so much more!

Chrissie Mayr Podcast #45

Michael and Chrissie talk about the "new" right, when did the right become tolerant and the left become fascist, why Joe Rogan is so popular, why the left is losing culturally, BLM curriculum, why the moderates are the hidden majority, how to respond to trolls on social media, and more!

Dave Smith – In The House Eighth – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #112

Michael is joined once again by Dave Smith for a discussion on the current state of the Libertarian Party, the placement and level of acceptance given to minarchist candidates, extending anti-discrimination laws to include transgender people, the difference between stigmatic organization names and their literal meanings, and so much more!

Kurt Schlichter – On The Lies – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #111

This week Michael is joined by good buddy, pundit, super lawyer, and author of "The 21 Biggest Lies About Donald Trump (and you!)": Kurt Schlichter. They discuss the overused false equivalency of Trump being compared to Hitler, whether military force can sometimes appropriately be used to suppress civil unrest, the McCarthy Era being the only time that the Left got cancelled, and so much more!
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