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Dave Rubin – Getting Lit – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #101

It’s a break from Dave Smith but not from Daves as Michael is joined this week by podcast host, political commentator and (now) fellow author Dave Rubin. The two of them talk about the structure of Dave’s new book, the structure of Dave’s new life, the classic Larry Elder moment, the common criticisms Dave faces, and a whole bunch more.

Dave Smith – In The House IV – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #100

The quarantine continues, and so does the conversation with Dave Smith! This week’s conversation is fittingly on the topic of the police: the hypocrisy of law enforcement, the Duncan Lemp case, the greater implications of no-knock raids, policing for profit, how the sanctity of the constitution affects all of them and the efficacy of law enforcement in general.

Dave Smith – In The House – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #98

In response to the rapidly changing world (and its effects on podcasting), Michael and Christian Conservative Dave Smith have decided to commit to a series of crossover episodes. Consider this an ongoing conversation throughout this strange time. In this episode, they discuss the (myth of the) nuclear family, the effects of the press, dealing with your audience and Jordan Peterson’s message.

Tom Woods – On Failing – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #97

Michael is joined again by the very failed podcaster Tom Woods. They discuss Tom Woods on air vs. Tom Woods off air, the expectations of listeners, and how that sometimes restricts the directions of their respective shows, building an audience, fitness and an entire slew of questions that one could only expect to come from the mind of Michael Malice.

Jessica Tarlov – With Her – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #96

This week Michael is joined by Fox News Contributor, and Head of Research at, Jessica Tarlov. They discuss the most effective ways to communicate across the political spectrum, the left’s take on Ralph Northam’s late-term abortion bill, and also the ongoing abortion debate in general. They also discuss the pros and cons of Joe Biden as a candidate, and also the strategies of the DNC going forward.

Mollie Hemingway – On The Court – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #95

This week Michael is joined by Senior Editor of the Federalist, FOX contributor and author Mollie Hemingway. They talk over Mollie's work on the Kavanagh hearings, and the ramifications in regards to the history/future of SCOTUS and the USA as a whole; as well as myriad of other topics such as foreign policy, and the writing process itself.

Matt Taylor – On The Throne – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #94

This week Michael is joined by artist, filmmaker, performance artist and writer Matthew Taylor, to discuss his new film Marcel Duchamp: Art of the Possible. They discuss Duchamp’s journey as an artist and thinker, the ways in which he broke convention that ultimately define him as a unique figure in history, and art in general. Bust open the chateauneuf du pape and get cultured, you swine.
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