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Sen. Kamala Harris wants to turn California’s housing crisis into everybody’s crisis.

The Tom Woods Show 1226

Libertarian worlds collided earlier this month when Reason magazine editor-at-large Matt Welch joined Tom on Michael Malice’s program. In today’s episode, Michael and Tom review and assess that mini-summit.


Elizabeth Warren trips HARD over a few Dems in rush to slam ex-GOP rep’s Wall Street ties.


Antifa protesters attack NBC reporter and his crew in Charlottesville

The Pat Flynn Show

Michael joins Pat to discuss everything from the problems with higher education (both had poor college experiences), how to maintain a productive and effective lifestyle, and thoughts on various philosophies,

The Tom Woods Show 1212

Are things going to stabilize or worsen on the major social media platforms? Michael Malice joins Tom to discuss the Alex Jones situation, and the nature of social media itself.


Sen. Chris Murphy makes convincing case that voting out Democrats is the key to reducing shootings.
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