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The Charlie Kirk Show

Alvin Bragg's indictment is a Democrat hit job against Trump...but are Republicans waiting to join in the assault? Writer and self-described anarchist Michael Malice thinks so, arguing that the GOP establishment has been waiting for its chance to eliminate Trump permanently.

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #252: Jack Posobiec

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) invites writer and political activist, Jack Posobiec, onto the show to talk about how The Right needs to develop new strategies in their battle against The Left, why corporate media is very similar to a poorly run criminal organization, and what it’s like to have dinner with Donald. We also get Jack’s thoughts on the 2024 election, and the one thing you’re guaranteed to hear during the Republican presidential debates.

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #251: Natalie Sideserf

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) welcomes the creator behind the famous Lex Fridman cake, hyperrealism artist and cake sculptor, Natalie Sideserf, onto the show to talk about starting her career, the difference between realism and hyperrealism, and why it’s important to have a support system that gives you real, productive feedback. Natalie also gives us the real story behind her severed head wedding cake.


Michael Malice is the author of many books including Dear Reader, The New Right, The Anarchist Handbook and, most recently, The White Pill. He is the host of video podcast "YOUR WELCOME" and was the subject of Harvey Pekar's 2006 biography Ego & Hubris: The Michael Malice Story.

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #250: Karol Markowicz

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) invites author, NY Post columnist, and former New Yorker, Karol Markowicz on to the show to talk about the radicalization of children’s education, staged activism at book release parties, and how easily anyone can be conveniently placed in the “outgroup.”

The Tom Woods Show #2296

We conclude our series of episodes about Michael Malice’s book The White Pill with some remarks about the collapse of the horrid regimes he chronicles.

The Joe Rogan Experience #1952

Michael Malice is a cultural commentator, host of the PodcastOne podcast "YOUR WELCOME," and author of several books, including "Dear Reader: The Unauthorized Autobiography of Kim Jong Il," and "The Anarchist Handbook."

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #249: Carpe Donktum

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) welcomes onto the show the “Eternally Sarcastic Memesmith,” Carpe Donktum, to talk about his Twitter resurrection, what it’s like to be doxxed, and how the band Smash Mouth has a surprisingly open sense of humor. Michael and Donktum also discuss how “one bad day” can completely ruin a political career.


Author and podcaster Michael Malice joins Alex Jones live in studio to provide a positive outlook and to offer an information “white pill” to the awakened masses living in a world of darkness.
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