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“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #213: Glenn Greenwald

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) is joined by journalist, author, and constitutional lawyer, Glenn Greenwald, to talk about his critical stance on corporate media, the strange evolution of Liz Cheney, and why most Americans don’t know the true story about the War in Ukraine.

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #212: Blaire White

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) invites political commentator, trans YouTuber, and newly recent resident to Austin, Blaire White, onto the show to chat about gender affirmation, the Left’s failed attempts at forcing trans awareness, the truth behind gender reassignment surgery, and why some people may want to be the parent to the first trans kid in their community… for the wrong reasons.

Face-Off: Knowles v Malice

You asked for it and we delivered it. Find out if Michael Malice or Michael Knowles knows more about ruthless dictators of history in this episode of FACE-OFF.

The Glenn Beck Program

Author Michael Malice joins to discuss the week's news, including the unconstitutionality of the recent gun laws.

“YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #211: Marc Andreessen

Michael Malice (“YOUR WELCOME”) welcomes entrepreneur, investor, and historical software engineer, Marc Andreessen, onto the show to discuss his business philosophies, why he has a fine-tuned “BS-meter”, and what it’s like to have “F-You Money.” Marc and Malice also discuss one of their favorite books, Burnham’s “The Machiavellians,” including the book’s theory on the cyclical history of governments.

The Glenn Beck Program

Author and host of "YOUR WELCOME" Michael Malice joins to recap the week's news, including the murder attempt against Justice Kavanaugh.
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