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Tampa Dispatch

Michael Malice’s ‘Anarchist Handbook’ soars to top of Amazon best sellers.

The Tom Woods Show #1905

Michael Malice's latest book, The Anarchist Handbook, made it all the way to #1 among nonfiction books on Amazon. He accomplished this feat with no publisher, no marketing department, and not even a book launch. This is worth talking about.

Eliza Bleu – On Surviving – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #156

Human trafficking survivor and survivor advocate Eliza Bleu joins Michael this week for a discussion on how people are being trafficked on Twitter, having your likeness used for anything from membership solicitation to nefarious deeds, a case of two unnamed minors suing Twitter in hopes of removing their exploitation, the appropriate avenues for dealing with trauma from human trafficking, plus how to effectively and compassionately address past trauma when getting to know a survivor, and so much more!

Rubin Report

Dave Rubin of The Rubin Report talks to Michael Malice about why New York is dead forever, the massive exodus of people leaving blue states, and how the COVID pandemic has accelerated the amount of people leaving the left. He then admits that he was wrong about denying the end of New York. He describes how the failed leadership of Andrew Cuomo and Bill DeBlasio have guaranteed that leaving NY is the best option for anyone who can.

Stu Does America

Michael Malice joins the program to break down the media's failures, especially when it comes to manufacturing false narratives.

David Pietrusza – Too Long Ago – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #155

American author and historian David Pietrusza joins Michael this week for a discussion on what prompted him to write his newest book about the Rust Belt, a brief overview of Poland's history, where Polish jokes came from, how the blackpilled population of today would actually be justified in their pessimism throughout history, David's first memory of an overnight trip, the tragic mistake of confusing cause with effect in terms of poverty and crime, dealing with insanity and mental health issues within the family, just how seedy New York City was in the 1970's, Michael's recent decision to move out of the state, whether or not NYC is following in Detroit's footsteps, plus a breakdown on why FDR's word was worth next to nothing, and so much more!

Kristin Tate – On The Move – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #154

Political commentator, columnist, and author Kristin Tate joins Michael this week for a discussion on domestic migration and what comes along with it, how the bootstrap mentality of New Hampshire slowly dissipated as the state turned blue, the rational and pragmatic stimuli that justify relocating to another state, the death of New York City, why Michael is so aggressively against the police, why the Left should be acknowledging the importance of incentives, plus what other people of interest are immigrating to Austin, and so much more!
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