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The Five

"I'd like to quote the philosopher Michael Malice, who said, 'Tyranny is when the population is imprisoned. Freedom is when the politicians are."

Glenn Greenwald – On The Beat – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #131

National security journalist, author, and former attorney Glenn Greenwald joins Michael this week for a discussion on whether or not Yair Bolsonaro is fit for the title "Trump of the Tropics", a two-fold explanation of why the CIA hates Donald Trump, what was involved in leaving The Intercept, a news site that Glenn helped create, the possibility of pardons for both Edward Snowden and Julian Assange and who would be angered the most by them, and so much more!

Dave Smith – In The House 10.One – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #130

Comedian Dave Smith joins Michael once more this week, for a discussion on Dave's recent appearance on the Joe Rogan Experience, the Part of the Problem Facebook group being nuked, how no algorithmical filter will ever be good enough to decide what we want to see online, having retired Army Colonel Douglas Macgregor as the new Senior Advisor to the acting Secretary of Defense and the hope he brings for withdrawing from international war, what the ideal Red Pilling entails, how Joe Biden is practically a Democrat neocon, whether or not Trump will get kicked off of Twitter once he leaves office, and so much more!

Timcast IRL

Michigan County refuses to certify election. IT'S HAPPENING w/ Michael Malice

The Federalist Radio Hour

On this episode of The Federalist Radio Hour, Federalist Publisher Ben Domenech and Senior Editor Mollie Hemingway sit down with the one and only author and host of the podcast “Your Welcome,” Michael Malice, to discuss the media’s conduct amidst the presidential election.

The Federalist

If taking a “black pill” means you abandon all hope, Malice explains, taking a “white pill” is the belief that the good guys can still win.

Timcast IRL

Alex Jones talks lockdowns, the Election with Tim Pool and Michael Malice

The First

Michael Malice joins Buck to discuss the future political landscape under a Biden administration including the very real possibility of a Kamala Harris presidency.

Phil Labonte – On The Smith – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #129

Musician and lead singer of the metalcore band All That Remains, Phil Labonte joins Michael in studio for a discussion on the asymmetrical relationship that forms between fans and musicians, the helpful lesson of finding acceptance in ridiculous situations that's realized through reading The Myth of Sisyphus, what constitutes a legitimate deadlift, and so much more!
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