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Chrissie Mayr – By The Slice – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #118

Michael is joined in studio by comedian and podcast host, Chrissie Mayr, for a discussion on where she ranks on the conspiracy theorist scale of one to Sam Tripoli, the ominous and unexplained mass purge of 60,000 tweets perpetrated by Chrissy Teigen, the conspicuous naming and depictions of high-priced items on Wayfair, why Chrissie was suspended from Twitter and what she had to do to have her account reinstated, and so much more!

The Tully Show

Author Michael Malice discusses "The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics".

Stu Burguiere – On The Blaze – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #117

Michael is joined by executive producer, head writer, and co-host of The Glenn Beck Program, Stu Burguiere, for a discussion on the importance of voting on government spending, the looming possibility of having Kamala Harris as our country's Vice President, the dangerous precedent of projecting overly progressive values onto children, the NY Times' ongoing public coup upon our nation's history, and so much more!

Unregistered #126

The preeminent political trickster Michael Malice joined Thad for his fourth appearance on the show. They discussed his admiration for Ayn Rand and RuPaul, how gays liberate straights, and of course Thad's many physical and intellectual shortcomings.

Ashley StClair – Against The Wohl – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #116

Michael is back in the GaS chamber this week and joined by political consultant and popular right-wing personality, Ashley StClair, for a discussion on navigating the perilous world of politics on social media, the possible detriments women must consider when using birth control pills, how to speak out politically as a young person today, plus a right-wing round of Fuck, Marry, Kill, and so much more!

Thaddeus Russell – In The Alley – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #115

Michael is joined by the author of A Renegade History of the United States and host of the Unregistered podcast, Thaddeus Russell, for a discussion on how freedoms have been created by marginalized groups in society, how progressivism got its start oppressing gay culture in the 1890's, the plethora of African American history discovered through magazines, why Thaddeus is pessimistic about the future of America, and so much more!

Can’t Get Right with Kurt Metzger #52

Author Michael Malice and Journalist Alec Bostwick joins Comedian Kurt Metzger to discuss corruption in the press, the Clinton origination, Trump and Epstein, sleazy backstabbing inside media corporations, the new cryptocurrency of Identity, and professional wrestling... yes, professional wrestling.
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