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The Rubin Report

Special guest Michael Malice and Dave Rubin talk about the hypocrisy and double standards of the mainstream media.

Edward Stringham – On Lockdown – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #105

Michael is joined by Edward Stringham, President of the American Institute for Economic Research and the Davis Professor of Economic Innovation at Trinity College, for a relevant revelation on how the current state of social distancing was birthed through a school science fair project. Edward effectively breaks down the faulty logic of popular social simulations, by humanizing the hypothetical "agents" used in models with both problems and choices we currently face in the real world, demonstrating just how economically irresponsible the collective response to a pandemic has been.

Part of the Problem #585

On this episode of Part Of The Problem Dave talks to prolific author and podcaster Michael Malice about his favorite subject, Michael Malice! We hear about Michael’s intellectual journey to being an Anarcho - Libertarian. Dave and Michael also get into a moral disagreement that is an interesting look at the different values of individuals.

Dave Smith – In The House 5.1 – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #103

Michael is joined once again by Dave Smith for a slightly different discussion on this week's episode. Veering away from the world of politics, they delve into the five love languages, the societal evolution of self expression, generational differences in terms of freedom and acceptance, a breakdown of what it takes to achieve both personal goals and happiness, and so much more!
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