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Dave Rubin – Getting Lit – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #101

It’s a break from Dave Smith but not from Daves as Michael is joined this week by podcast host, political commentator and (now) fellow author Dave Rubin. The two of them talk about the structure of Dave’s new book, the structure of Dave’s new life, the classic Larry Elder moment, the common criticisms Dave faces, and a whole bunch more.

Michael Malice: Kim Jong-un Uses Western Speculation to Hype Importance

“Now [Kim Jong-un] can say to his population, honestly, ‘Look, the whole world cares about my health. The whole world wants to know if I’m alive or dead. They are so interested in North Korea. That’s how important we are,’ and it’s not that much of a twist of facts to portray that as a reality.”

The Tom Woods Show episode #1640

There's been speculation in the media about the health and whereabouts of North Korea's Kim Jong Un. This, in turn, has led some people to speculate about who might succeed him. Michael Malice joins us to correct the record.

Dave Smith – In The House IV – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #100

The quarantine continues, and so does the conversation with Dave Smith! This week’s conversation is fittingly on the topic of the police: the hypocrisy of law enforcement, the Duncan Lemp case, the greater implications of no-knock raids, policing for profit, how the sanctity of the constitution affects all of them and the efficacy of law enforcement in general.
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