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Jack Posobiec – On the Stage – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #077

This week, Michael is joined by OANN host Jack Posobiec. They talk about what exactly the 'new right' is, how it compares to 'the dissident right', the degrees of gate keeping that go on as people rush to define those terms (and extricate themselves from them) and just HOW Jack got such a huge Twitter following. HOW DID HE DO IT!?

Zuby – In Transition – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #076

Allo Guv'nor! This week Michael is joined by rapper, podcast host, author, public speaker, creative entrepreneur and social media influencer Zuby. They discuss his new book (Strong Advice: Zuby's Guide to Fitness for Everybody), his origin story, politics, and of course the infamous viral video of him breaking the British Women's Deadlift record (while identifying as a woman!).
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