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Zac Amico – In the Trash – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #066

This time Michael's here to raise hell with Zac Amico (Host of The Real Ass Podcast and Zac Amico's Midnight Spookshow). As the resident expert on goodbad movies, Zac talks Michael through the finer points of what makes a celluloid trainwreck an absolute masterpiece, and also how he ended up working with the people he admired (and also working with Luis J Gomez).

Hotep Jesus – On the Money – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #065

Holy cow, it's raining red pills. This week, Michael is joined by Hotep Jesus. They talk about his beliefs, his journey reaching them, and the path towards spreading them. He discusses his ongoing work empowering and educating the black community, and what role the Hotep movement may play in that.

Unregistered 89

He's been called "the Willy Wonka of politics." He's the author of a new book, The New Right: A Journey to the Fringe of American Politics. He's also the most requested guest on Unregistered.
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