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Faith Goldy – Of the Will – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #049

As a prelude to his forthcoming book on "The New Right," Michael sits down for a conversation with the always controversial Faith Goldy. They talk about Faith's run for Mayor of Toronto, her work during Charlottesville, and her increasing bans on social media. Are you curious about Faith's position on the plastic bag scene in American Beauty? Yay or nein? If so, this is the episode for you.

Brandon Straka – On the (D) – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #048

This week, Michael sits down for a discussion with Brandon Straka, founder of the #Walkaway campaign. They talk about what it's like to be "off the plantation," what it's like being a conservative in contemporary America, and about Brandon's journey from left to right (and also the journey he's about to embark on via train).

Nick Searcy – On the Screen – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #047

Michael sits down with (INTERNATIONAL FILM AND TELEVISION STAR) Nick Searcy. They talk about Nick's career, the industry, being a conservative in Hollywood, and a surprising amount of wrestling. On top of all of this, it seems that Michael may have discovered another individual that enjoys Twitter trolling as much as he does. Maybe.

Titania McGrath – At the Intersection – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #046

Everyone get woke, and prepare for the Oppression Olympics. Today's guest is the Implementer of Intersectionality, the Eliminator of Entitlement, and the Ward of Woke-ness: Titania McGrath (a.k.a Andrew Doyle). Michael talks to Andrew about his recent, and reluctant, 'outing' as the voice behind Titania, about comedic influences, and about the role that satire has played throughout the course of history. Listen, like, subscribe but please don't comment with any hate speech, slurs, dog whistles, pepe memes, gendered language, capital letters, or cultural appropriation, as this may be triggering.

Will Chamberlain – On Censored – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #045

LET'S GET READY TO RUMBLLLLEEEEEE! Michael sits down with lawyer and publisher of Human Events, Will Chamberlain to discuss their shared goals, their different approaches to reaching those goals, and whether or not there is an effective way to regulate social media (or anything). Have you forgotten what two people disagreeing amicably sounds like? Then this is the episode for you.
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