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John DeVore – In Competence – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #040

This week Michael is joined by writer and pundit John DeVore. John misses jokes, cues and prompts from Michael, and discusses the finer points of the Matriarchal Arachno-Capitalist social contract. Finally, Michael manages to save the interview by asking John the most important question: what did you like best about Michael Malice?

Kristin Tate – Over the Wall – “YOUR WELCOME” Episode #039

This week Michael jumps from the fence straight to the wall, and sits down Kristin Tate (author of "How Do I Tax Thee?" and commentator on the Fox News Channel, the Fox Business Network, MSNBC, and CNN). They pick apart possibilities for the 2020 Presidential race, how Democrats are the Conservative gift that keeps on giving, and - most importantly - what Kristin liked best about Michael's interview.
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