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Lisa De Pasquale joins the show to chat about getting fired from CPAC, conservative principles, Anthony Weiner, past gigs, and her books.

The Tom Shillue Show 9/25/17

Commentator, author and chaos advocate Michael Malice joins Tom Shillue to explain why he thinks Trump's comments about the NFL protesters was a trap for the Left.

The Buck Sexton Show

President Trump storms the world stage, putting America first and mocking 'Rocket Man' Kim Jong Un in his address to the UN.

The Best Debate in the Universe: Episode 67

Which city is better: LA or NY? Bestselling author, Michael Malice, is back on the show. We were originally going to debate jury duty, but switched to LA vs NY. It's a classic rivalry I've been waiting to have on this show with the perfect guest, and Michael fits the bill: he's so NY he doesn't even have a driver's license.

The Tom Shillue Show 9/12/17

Tom lets you know about yet another example of "ZERO TOLERENCE" school policies unfairly punishing our kids! Are these tough rules against pocket knives intended to keep kids safe? Comedian Dave Smith and Author Michael Malice say no!
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