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"Socialists regard your property as their property, but even more nefariously regard your children as their property," author Michael Malice said.

You Are Here

Michael Malice joins Elijah Schaffer and Sydney Watson as their first guest on their new show.

The Fallen State #233

On this week's episode of TheFallenState TV, host Jesse Lee Peterson is joined by Michael Malice, host of "Your Welcome," and author of The New Right and The Anarchist Handbook. In this lively exchange, they discuss Michael's thoughts on his Jewish faith and culture, his relationship with his parents, why he is moving from Brooklyn to Texas, what it means to be an anarchist, what's going on in Afghanistan, and more!

Dave Smith – In The White House 1.4 – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #169

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on Dave's most recent appearance on the Michael Malice Fancast IRL, how rewarding it is to prop up artists and like-minded people, how life is about change and going through phases, how New York City is using low income restaurant employees to decentralize authoritarianism, the story of Lavrentiy Beria and his reign as one of Stalin's most atrocious and influential secret police chiefs, the current end to America's longest war in Afghanistan, the first time in history that the corporate press has turned on Joe Biden, why White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki might be in hiding, the transparent corporate press narrative that ending a war equals disaster, the psychological toll on hardcore patriots from shamefully losing the war, the open secret of President Biden's severe mental decline, plus just how terrible Kamala Harris is as a politician, and so much more!

The Dr. Debra Soh Podcast #22

Dr. Debra Soh and Michael Malice talk about normalizing discussions about mental heath and helping a loved one who has experienced childhood sexual abuse.

Slightly Offensive #181

Obviously, anarchy is not something many people are fans of. It’s difficult for us to even like anyone who calls themselves an anarchist. But Michael Malice takes us to school on what an anarchist is and tries to convert us into his philosophical ideology as a last resort to try to defeat the globalist American empire.
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