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"We should all rejoice" that "gatekeepers to culture" are losing power

What Bitcoin Did

In this interview, Peter talks to anarchist and author Michael Malice. They discuss a world without laws, the human propensity for cooperation, and how bitcoin could be an engine for change.

Modern Wisdom Podcast #329

No matter your perspective, politics isn't working very well at the moment. The world is divided along more lines than we can count and the powers that be don't seem to have the electorate's best interests at heart. Is the solution just to tear it all down? Expect to learn why Michael refuses to vote, what the hardest question for anarchy to answer is, why a democracy doesn't give you choice, why I've been forgetting words recently, what we're going to do about our cancelled Russia trip and much more...

Dave Smith – In The White House 1.1 – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #157

"Comedian" Dave Smith joins Michael once again this week for a discussion on the importance of centralizing an argument against systemic evils, a brief comparison between Friedman and Rothbard, what it takes to get a standing ovation out of Rothbard, what the "inefficiency" of the State actually means in practice, the difference between silencing speech and banning specific school curriculums, the dangers of teaching critical race theory to children, the abundance of logical fallacies being thrown around on Twitter, plus Michael's astonishment at the recent enigmatic success of The Anarchist Handbook and so much more!

Tampa Dispatch

Michael Malice’s ‘Anarchist Handbook’ soars to top of Amazon best sellers.

The Tom Woods Show #1905

Michael Malice's latest book, The Anarchist Handbook, made it all the way to #1 among nonfiction books on Amazon. He accomplished this feat with no publisher, no marketing department, and not even a book launch. This is worth talking about.

Eliza Bleu – On Surviving – “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice #156

Human trafficking survivor and survivor advocate Eliza Bleu joins Michael this week for a discussion on how people are being trafficked on Twitter, having your likeness used for anything from membership solicitation to nefarious deeds, a case of two unnamed minors suing Twitter in hopes of removing their exploitation, the appropriate avenues for dealing with trauma from human trafficking, plus how to effectively and compassionately address past trauma when getting to know a survivor, and so much more!
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