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Episode 007 – On Detention – Lauren Southern

On the latest episode of “YOUR WELCOME”, Michael Malice is joined by political activist, personality and journalist Lauren Southern. Banned from entering the UK and almost banned from her forthcoming speaking tour in Australia, Lauren sits down to discuss her views on free speech, immigration, and her latest documentary "Farmlands," a look into post-Apartheid violence in South Africa.

Episode 006 – On Growing Up Russian – Cathy Young

On this week's episode of "YOUR WELCOME", Michael Malice is joined by Cathy Young. Cathy Young is a Russian-born American journalist. Young is the author of "Growing Up in Moscow: Memories of a Soviet Girlhood," and contributing editor at Reason. The two discuss about growing up in Russia, the misconceptions about American culture taught as children, and more.

Episode 005 – On Stoicism – Ryan Holiday

On this episode of “YOUR WELCOME” with Michael Malice, we are joined by Ryan Holiday, the man who reintroduced Stoic thought into American consciousness. Ryan is the author of "Trust Me, I'm Lying," "Ego is the Enemy," "The Obstacle is the Way," and most recently, "Conspiracy" about Peter Thiel and his war on Gawker.

Episode 004 – On Being Weird – Joe Machi

On this week’s episode of “YOUR WELCOME”, Michael Malice breaks bread with the hilarious and all around brilliant comedic mind of Joe Machi. A New York comedy mainstay, Joe Machi has performed everywhere from Caroline’s to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Listen as he talks to Michael about leaving a 9 to 5 job to pursue his dreams as a stand up comic, as well as living with anxiety in a very cut throat business.

Episode 003 – The Power Of Persuasion – Scott Adams

Scott Adams is the creator of the Dilbert comic strip and the author of several nonfiction works of satire, commentary, and business including the recent "Win Bigly." In the wake of the historic summit between North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un and American President Donald Trump, Michael and Scott discuss the historic implications of the sit down along with the huge victory this is for the Trump presidency, concessions of the ego, corporate America and the powers of persuasion.

Episode 002 – The Art Of Conversation – Anthony Cumia

On this episode of "YOUR WELCOME" we are joined by one half of powerhouse duo "Opie and Anthony" as well as the founder of Compound Media, Anthony Cumia. Anthony has been a major player in the media industry for decades, with a unique blend of humor, pull no punches opinions and natural delivery, he's helped pave the way for many personalities within the world of radio, podcasting and comedy. Listen as the host of "The Anthony Cumia Show" sits down with Michael Malice to give an intimate look into what made "The Opie and Anthony Show" brand such a formidable force, the future of talk radio and the secrets behind the art of conversation.


On this last episode of “YOUR WELCOME”, Michael talks about his new book, unnecessary internet drama, and Geno Bisconte takes a seat to yap about internet trolls, and spelling bees.
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