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CNN’s Brian Stelter can’t deal with Tucker Carlson’s “extreme rhetoric” about what now?

Pals with Bill Wadman

Author, troll, and fashionplate Michael Malice is at the dining room table for a long discussion about North Korea, why going to college for business is the only sensible choice, and how he takes cretins down a peg on a regular basis.


HuffPost reporter "excited to see if Croatia can do what Hillary Clinton couldn’t."


Socialist Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez pulls the public library card on the GOP.


Trump says he’ll offer opponent Elizabeth Warren $1 million for DNA test.

The Anthony Cumia Show 654

Anthony and Dave are joined by Michael and Jim Norton as they talk about North Korea, the genocide in South Africa, and the shooting in Maryland.

Get Off My Lawn #144

Gavin McInnes interviews North Korea expert & author, Michael Malice, on Donald Trump's recent visit to North Korea with Kim Jong Un to discuss denuclearization.
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